Solar Eclipse in Pisces & Venus Rx – The Weekly Astrology message with Boaz Fyler for Feb 25 – Mar 04 2017

Wow! What a week in the heavens! There are two influences at work: The "Fast & Furious" – We can see a lot of outbursts, anger and uncompromising rebellion that can destroy as much as it can bring progress, that might throw away the baby along with the bath water and sacrifice to much or too many for achieving it's say. The natural world as well can provide challenging events as well, as a form of natural "rebellion". Or… we can ride this wave with much creativity and spirituality. With wisdom to negotiate and compromise where we should, and do it in a way that does not erase who and what we are, but actually causes us to know our own Identity more closely, and align with it as we bond with the universal current.

Evolutionary Astrologer Boaz Fyler presents a practical and concise astrological briefing on the celestial weather. This is your place to find a spiritual astrology horoscope applicable for all zodiac signs.

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